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Grace Presbyterian Church

5924 Princess Garden Parkway
Lanham, MD 20706


Confessing Church Movement

Many churches in our denomination are taking a stand by proclaiming their commitment to these three essential doctrines: We are saved through Faith alone, in Christ alone, by Grace alone!

We at Grace are also a "Confessing Church." To further discover what this means, please check out The Confessing Church Movement within the Presbyterian Church (USA). This Web Site Is A Service Of The Presbyterian Lay Committee. You can also check The Confessing Church Movement of the Presbyterian Church (USA) which is the Confessing Church Movement Regional Network's Central Hub.

Confessing Church National Conversation, via Chat Room

You are cordially invited to join us every Friday evening at 10:00pm EST (7:00pm PST) for our on-going discussions about issues facing the PC(USA). All thoughtful points of view are encouraged! Click here to get to the chat room.

There is also a chat sponsored by the Presbyterian Lay Committee to discuss the Confessing Church Movement. Just click here here.

Here is your chance to get informed & get involved in the on-going Confessing Church Movement.


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date of last entry: 2-5-2004